Easter Eggs in Cars: See Our List

Quick Facts About Easter Eggs in Cars

An Easter egg in a car is a hidden feature you might not notice if you’re not looking for it. They usually offer a symbolic or deeper meaning than the typical eye sees. Surprisingly, many cars hide these features or symbols that you probably overlook.

Keep reading to see if the vehicle in your garage offers a secret Easter egg that you never noticed. Spoiler alert … many cars offer Easter eggs, but Jeeps and Teslas use the most hidden features in their vehicles.

Coolest Car Easter Eggs

Tesla Keys

Tesla Key Fob

You won’t have to do much searching to find this Easter egg. While most car key fobs are standard and feature the car manufacturer’s logo, Tesla takes it a step further. A miniature version of your car unlocks and starts the actual vehicle. You can have this on any model, from the least expensive Model 3 to the most expensive Model X.

However, unlike most Easter eggs, you need to pay for this one. Tesla uses a key feature on smartphones, charging $175 for the key fob if owners want one.

Tesla Light Show

Tesla Model X

Of course, Tesla lands on this list more than once. If you drive the Model X, or now any Tesla model, your car can treat you to an exclusive light show. All you need to do is go to the “Toybox” on your Tesla, which you can find on the infotainment center screen. Choose “Light Show” and then press “Start The Show.” The vehicle will ask you to confirm, and once you do, voila! Enjoy your light show.

Chrysler 200 Car Mats


Chrysler is a staple in the Detroit automotive industry. The now-discontinued Chrysler 200 featured an ode to the Motor City. If you look beneath the center console, the storage area inside features the Detroit skyline on the car mat. This is a subtle yet cool design added to the vehicle.

Chevrolet Secret Storage

Some cars offer secret storage compartments, but very few have them hidden behind the infotainment system. Pretty inconspicuous, right?

This hidden feature is offered in Chevy models like the Tahoe, Traverse, Malibu, and more. You can even find a phone charger in some models in the storage compartment. But don’t worry; even if someone does know about the secret compartment, you can put a pin code lock on it so car thieves can’t gain access.

Jeep Hidden Icons

Jeep loves to hide icons all over its vehicles. From tiny animals to honoring the company’s roots, Jeep offers plenty of Easter eggs for those looking for a hunt.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Headlights

Jeep grand cherokee headlight

This may be one of the hardest symbols to find in any vehicle on this list. Jeep has discretely hidden one of the Old Willys model’s original models in the Grand Cherokee’s headlight. It’s a hard one to find, but if you know Jeep’s history, it might be one of the most rewarding to find.

Jeep Renegade Spider

Jeep renegade easter egg

When fueling your Renegade, you may see a spider. But don’t get scared, as it’s not a real one. Jeep puts a spider near the fuel tank, and the itsy-bitsy spider says, “Ciao Baby!” There may not be an actual reason for this to be there other than Jeep thinking it would be funny to scare drivers when pumping gas.

Jeep Renegade Bigfoot

Jeep renegade easter egg

The Renegade offers more than just the spider hiding in the vehicle. You can also find the mythical Bigfoot creature hidden onboard. If you look at the SUV’s rear window, a small Sasquatch icon is visible for those seeking a glimpse of the beast.

Ram 1500 T-Rex

TRX Easter egg

The Ram 1500 TRX has nothing to do with the extinct dinosaur — or so we thought. In the Ram TRX, if you take a peek under the airbox cover, you’ll notice a giant T-Rex with a much smaller raptor in its mouth. This is a direct jab at the off-road truck’s biggest competitor, the Ford F-150 Raptor. A giant dinosaur eating your competitor has to be one of the best Easter eggs!

Mercedes-Benz Ambient Lighting

Mercedes Benz GLB, X247, 2019

Maybe this is more of a cool feature than an Easter egg, but Mercedes puts beautiful ambient lighting in its cars, and the technology looks impressive. It’s best seen at night, but you can set up multi-colored lights in your car with 60 different color combinations. One of the coolest parts is the cup holders can turn blue or red depending on the temperature of your beverage.

Hyundai Veloster Video Games

Hyundai Veloster Easter Egg

Hyundai isn’t the first brand to put a video game into a car, but theirs seems a tad more interactive than the rest. A Blue Max video game sits inside older models of the Veloster, and you earn your “score” from your driving habits. You’ll get feedback on how well you did on your fuel economy and even tips to be better at the game. Or, in this case, better with your driving habits.

Volvo XC90 Seat Belts

Volvo Seat belt

The seat belt could be considered one of the most important features in a car. In the Volvo XC90, you can see “Since 1959” engraved into the metal on the seat belt. This was when Volvo added the 3-point seat belt to their cars — a massive upgrade to passenger safety. It may not look as cool as some others, but it may be the most significant Easter egg.

Ford GT40 100th Anniversary Headlights

Ford GT headlights Easter egg

Not many car manufacturers make it to 100 years, so when they do, it’s a big deal. There are a million ways to celebrate. But Ford found a unique way to do so with its 2005-2006 model year GT40s. If you look at the GT40 headlights up close, you’ll see the two circle headlights and one that is a straight line. Depending on which side you’re looking at, it looks like a “100.” It’s a subtle yet clever way to celebrate your 100th anniversary forever.

GMC Hummer EV

The Hummer EV is the first electric vehicle in GMC’s fleet of cars. So, of course, they add a few futuristic Easter eggs for those who are first to the party to enjoy. We already know about Crab Walk, so that will not be considered an Easter egg.

Infotainment Screen


The Hummer EV can take you off-roading on Mars or rock climbing over fiery volcanos. Depending on your drive mode, the screen changes to show your truck in a different location on the infotainment screen. The tow/haul setting will show you lugging a spaceship, while off-road mode will show you driving over the dirt of Mars. Other modes include terrain, which shows the volcano, and normal, which shows you on the moon. Not so normal after all.

Moon Landing

Hummer Moon

When inspecting the Hummer EV, you may overlook the speaker system, but that’s where one of the Easter eggs is hiding. If you look at the speakers, you will see a map, which you probably won’t know understand at first. Well, it is actually a map of the moon! Yes, the moon. It is specifically the Sea of Tranquility, which is where Neil Armstrong took his steps as the first man on the moon.

Nissan Ariya Cherry Blossom

ariya cherry blossom

Nissan’s all-electric SUV, the 2023 Ariya, launched with a design inspired by Japanese artists. That inspiration also brings an Easter egg in the vehicle’s center console, where you can see cherry blossoms. Like many other Easter eggs, this flower offers a deeper meaning — symbolizing a new beginning.

How To Find an Easter Egg

Finding an Easter egg in a car can be tricky, but more cars are adding them. In the Volvo XC90, you can find “since 1959” engraved on the seat belts symbolizing the introduction of safer 3-point seat belts into their vehicles, revolutionizing the safety of all cars. While in plain view, it could easily get overlooked.

While many are odes to the manufacturer’s history, some Easter eggs jab at competitors, like in the Ram 1500 TRX. If you pop the hood of the TRX, you can see a vicious T-Rex, the dinosaur, eating a much smaller Raptor. It’s a clear shot at the TRX’s competitor, the Ford F-150 Raptor.

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