Mustang Prevails in Final Year of Gas-Powered Muscle Car Fight

The Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang have fought a 3-way bout for muscle car supremacy for years, but it’s over. Chevrolet and Dodge have built their last examples of gas-powered pony cars while the Mustang gallops on.

Ford won the final round in a close decision.

All three automakers have released final sales figures for 2023. Ford says it sold 48,605 Mustang models last year. 44,960 Americans drove home in a Challenger, according to Dodge. Chevrolet came in a distant third, claiming 31,028 Camaro sales.

There will be no such tally for 2024.

Ford recently introduced a new seventh-generation Mustang and has no public plans to end the production of gas-powered muscle cars.

But Dodge turned 2023 into a farewell tour for both the Challenger and the Charger, then shut down production of both rear-wheel-drive (RWD) cars. The company hasn’t officially unveiled a replacement but has previewed something it called an “electric muscle car,” though rumors suggest the company may offer it with a V6.

Chevrolet, meanwhile, built the final gas-powered Camaro in December, hinting heavily that the name will come back on an electric model before long.

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