What’s Next for Kratos after God of War: Valhalla Concludes?

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The epic storyline of God of War: Ragnarök may have concluded, but Santa Monica Studio hasn’t closed the book on the Ghost of Sparta just yet. The newly released God of War: Valhalla DLC throws players into a roguelike experience that serves as both a poignant closure to Kratos’ Norse arc and an Easter egg hunt of clues hinting at what lies ahead for the legendary God of War

Valhalla’s ending isn’t just a hack-and-slash adventure through mythical realms. Valhalla journeys deep into the psyche of one of gaming’s most iconic characters, offering much introspection, themes of redemption, and perhaps even a glimpse of a new dawn.

Are you looking for hot takes on God of War: Valhalla? Read on to join the discussion on what it means and what could be next.

Facing Kratos’ Demons and Finding Redemption 

The storyline of Valhalla’s isn’t merely about battling mythical beasts and collecting epic loot. It’s a deeply personal journey for Kratos, forcing him to confront the shadows of his past with unflinching honesty. 

Through procedurally generated realms shaped by his memories, players face manifestations of Kratos’ transgressions, both from the brutal Greek era and the turbulent saga in the Nine Realms. From battling echoes of the Olympians he fell to reliving the tragic consequences of his rage, Kratos navigates a metaphorical labyrinth of his own making, grappling with the weight of his past and searching for a path towards redemption.

Atreus’ Separate Odyssey: Promising a Future Sequel? 

While Kratos embarks on this introspective quest, his son, Atreus, charts a different course. Fueled by the revelation of his Giant heritage, Atreus sets out to uncover the remnants of his people, leaving the dynamic between father and son in a state of limbo. 

Atreus’ independent journey allows both characters to grow and evolve separately, setting the stage for potential reunification and perhaps even more conflict in future installments. Fans speculate what’s to come based on Valhalla’s ending (spoiler alert!) with mixed reactions.

Valhalla’s Ending as a Bridge Between Eras

One thing’s for sure: Valhalla serves as a bridge between the Norse saga and whatever lies ahead for Kratos. By offering closure while simultaneously planting seeds for the future, the game leaves players hungry for more. Whether it’s a journey across the continent, a reunion with Atreus, or an entirely new pantheon awaiting Kratos’ rage, the future of God of War is wide open, filled with possibilities and speculation. 

The Norse Saga Ends, But the God of War Lives On… in Egypt?

Santa Monica Studio may have declared Ragnarök the culmination of the Norse mythology arc, but Valhalla paints a picture of a future far from extinguished. Hidden within the expansion are subtle clues hinting at uncharted territory for Kratos. 

References to Ancient Egypt and its pantheon, including familiar artifacts and cryptic pronouncements from Mimir, tease the possibility that the Ghost of Sparta’s next rampage might take him across the sands of the River Nile. Could the pyramids and pharaohs of Egypt become the next battleground for the God of War saga?

Unraveling the Threads of Mystery

While rampant theorizing about the future is certainly fun, Valhalla highlights the satisfying conclusion to Kratos’ Norse mythology. Witnessing his internal struggle, his moments of vulnerability, and his acceptance of the past to embrace redemption creates a deeply emotional experience unique to the franchise so far. Watching Kratos rise from the ashes of his rage to become a beacon of hope is a narrative triumph, even if it marks the end of one chapter in his development.

What’s Next for God of War?

While official details remain speculation for now, Valhalla has undoubtedly sown the seeds of intrigue for many fans. Each hidden artifact, cryptic dialogue exchange, and evocative reference builds anticipation for what lies ahead. 

To add to the anticipation of future game developments, it’s true that Amazon Prime is currently working on a God of War TV series, which is still in the early stages.

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