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Powerful Collapsible Water Flosser Is On Sale

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There’s not a dentist around who won’t recommend that you floss daily. Doing so can help prevent plaque buildup, bad breath, gum disease and so much more. One easy way to knock out this dental hygiene step with minimal effort is with a water flosser. The handy gadget provides a near-effortless way to give teeth a powerful rinse without worrying about running low on floss or snapping the string mid-swipe. You just fill it up with water, press a button and let the flosser work its magic. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your dental hygiene with one or you’re wanting one that’ll travel a little easier, then you’ll be happy to know that Amazon has a telescopic dental water flosser on sale right now for $20!

This portable dental water flosser comes with six interchangeable heads and a carrying case. It also has four pressure settings meant to blast even the tiniest, hard-to-see particles stuck between your teeth while gently massaging your gums. The device is cordless so you can floss while you keep your eyes on kids, your stove or whatever else needs your attention. You also likely don’t have to worry about losing power too often since the battery is designed to last for around 90 days before needing a charge.

Reviewers love the adjustable water pressure but they also seem to really appreciate the water flosser’s portability compared to others they’ve owned — with one reviewer even noting that this more affordable one is easier to tote than higher-priced, name-brand Waterpik flossers. The travel-friendly design is thanks to a collapsible and detachable mini water tank that comes with a carrying case you can easily toss inside a purse or toiletry bag.

“I’m a dental hygienist and it hard for me to convince people to use a water pick,” reviewer Kelly Lavallee, shared in a review. “This product is great. I love it an so do my patients. Easy to use, easy to tuck away, use in the shower and affordable. I highly recommend it!”

Check out more promising reviews from people who grabbed this telescopic dental water flosser

“Love this little guy. Great for traveling! I was skeptical but cleans as well as my full size water pik. Very convenient, packs well, works well. Charge lasted me the week.” — JP

“It’s powerful and works well. More compact than the Waterpick brand travel version and it is rechargeable where the waterpick one isn’t. The case that comes with it is really nice but I don’t use it since it adds bulk but then I don’t have a place to store extra heads. Ideally, I would like it to be even smaller.” — Robnrick

“I am obsessed w this water flosser! It is small enough for most bathroom sinks and I love that it comes with a case to travel with. The charge lasts me forever and the price for this product is unbeatable!” — Alexa Toback

“My dentist recommended I add a waterpick to my daily routine. I’d never used one before and wasn’t looking forward to having some big clunky thing sitting out on my counter… not to mention I don’t really have room for a big clunky thing sitting on my counter. I also was concerned about keeping the machine clean…

After searching though, I found this unit. It has absolutely changed my oral hygiene routine! Definitely recommend.

Holds a charge for a really long time… I’ve gone weeks without charging it.
Super easy to use.
Feels like I’m treating my mouth to some sort of massage
This is what self-care looks like
Great case – super compact
Stainless ‘straw-like’ component that transports the water
Multiple heads for multiple jobs or people (but I have one that I stick with)
Sometimes feels so good I fill the reservoir twice!
Easy to maneuver in my small mouth

I don’t have any.” — Lindy

“The flosser device is a great! All function works nicely. I like the strong mode the most out of the 4 function modes. Also perfect size and it come with a very heavy duty travel case.” — Yon srun

“Very happy about this purchase. I bought this to replace the big, clunky, expensive hydro flosser I bought from my dentist. I love this one (J/mok) and the one from my dentist is now stored under my sink. The J/MOK is easy to use, takes a short bit of learning, takes up little space and is 4 x less expensive than what my dentist offers. Plus, it’s easily portable with its own carrying case. I wish I had known about it a year ago. I love it and love using it. I was not “gifted” for this review.” — Amazon Customer

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