Recall Alert: BMW X5 – Kelley Blue Book

BMW has recalled 703 X5 xDrive40i SUVs from model years 2024 and 2025 because the tire information placard on their doorsills may list incorrect information.

That sounds like a minor problem, but it could contribute to larger ones. The placard tells owners the advised air pressure for the tires, which is “slightly lower” than it should be. If owners inflate tires to the number listed on the doorsill, BMW says, the vehicle might not handle as expected, which could lead to a crash.

The fix is simple — dealers will install a placard with the correct information. Recall repairs are always free.

Automakers recall many cars to fix safety defects, sometimes more than once. While automakers try to reach every owner to ask them to bring the vehicle in for repair, they rarely reach them all. Millions of vehicles on American roads need free recall repairs. To find out if your car is one of them, check the easy VIN tool at our recall center.

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