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Roman-style Chickpea and Tomato Soup With Bulgur Recipe

This soup was inspired by ceci or chickpea soup that I first ate in Rome in a busy café on Via del Gesù. It was redolent of garlic and rosemary, brothy and flecked with tomatoes and a few tiny pasta bits.

This version replaces the pasta with bulgur, which gives the soup an addictive chewy texture. You can, of course, substitute orzo or another small soup pasta for the bulgur.

The soup starts with a deep flavor base of garlic, rosemary and tomato. If you have extra Parmesan rinds, add them for enhanced umami. I also like to use Red Boat’s fish sauce-infused salt for added umami. Sometimes I’ll even stir in a bit of Huy Fong Foods’ chile garlic sauce as a flavor hack for extra heat as the soup cooks.

From the story the ‘soup for dinner diet: It’s easy, delicious. A never-boring way to slim down.

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